A Shift In Perspective

Poem by Ryan Condon


My unchanging trajectory suspends me by the neck

And uses me as a shield:

My body dangling through brush made of brick and flesh,

My mind dawning blinders that hide what I know.


My inertial tendencies narrow my senses:

My eyes fully adjust,

Sensitive to any change.

My skin responds only to damage,

While gentle touch goes unnoticed.

My ears grow fine filters

That let in only what I must hear.


I watch them cherish the moment that we must share

With blissful eyes and broad shoulders,

Absorbing existence while I sit passively.

Suddenly I sense a world that is grey and bland,

Yet I know it to be full of illustrious hues;

I saw it once as such.


For it is I who has changed,

And in my ignorant certainty,

I ask myself how I could ever love

All the things that they love.

So I change course.


Blood rushes to my cold limbs

And I feel the goosebumps cover my skin.

My pupils dilate,

And grey shines into gold.

My ears now devoid of wax,

I finally listen

And remember how their voices comfort me.

Able to feel,

I present my teeth.


Never has a smile felt so involuntary.


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